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As a society, we provide a platform for students to share their enthusiasm for the world of finance. We plan to accomplish this by conducting seminars delivered by guest speakers with varied backgrounds in the finance industry and training students to work as analysts on our investment fund, by attending weekly sessions on current affairs & news that affects the financial world and by collecting data related to different companies & industries for the investment review. We strive to create chances for our members that will help them succeed in the finance industry by discussing investment opportunities and networking with Investment Banking professionals. Furthermore, we will host social events that offer an opportunity to meet like-minded students in a relaxed environment.


Events we plan to hold:

• Weekly discussions on current affairs to keep you up to date on all the important headlines.

• Various interactive sessions, including - games, networking, social interaction, etc.

• Bringing in Special guest speakers and mentors.

• Stock Market Workshops


For More Information, please follow us on Instagram or visit the other section of our website. The website also has the most up-to-date announcements and important contact information





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