Krishna Conciousness

Join us for weekly “Think Out Loud” sessions as well as a few getaways at amazing spiritual retreat destinations around the UK, Europe and the world. A chance for you to unwind and relax.


Would you say you're a deep thinker? Want to look at the world from different perspectives? The Krishna Consciousness Society provides a platform by which you can connect, interact and discuss, relevant life issues with like-minded people. We're giving you spiritual wisdom rooted from an ancient body of literatures called the Vedas, which provide cutting edge tools for modern day life. Providing direction towards gaining and maintaining a successful and more importantly happy lifestyle. This society is about you as an individual: your thoughts, your feelings, your ideas. There’s no uniform. 


Have you ever wondered what it's like to feel truly alive? Without realising, we go about life exploring ways to remain excited, enlivened and forever blissful through our experiences; be it through music, books, films, people and places. Brunel Krishna Consciousness Society provides an alternative modern insight into spirituality and how we can go about living life, making the most of such a precious gift.


Have you ever tried yoga or meditation?
Are you interested in philosophy or spirituality?
Do you want to look at the world a little more closely?


Krishna Consciousness Society aims to put students in touch with Eastern spiritual techniques, so that they can apply ancient wisdom to modern times. We talk. We chill. We cook. We eat. We sing. We dance. We journey to some of the most beautiful spiritual centres in name it!

Who says spirituality can't be fun?



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