Brunel Malayalee Society

Welcome to Brunel Malayalee society! Our main aim as a society is to both promote and appreciate our culture and traditions. We Malayalees are from the beautiful tropical state of India – Kerala and as a society our goal is to unite our Malayalees. Over the last year we have organised many events and activities, from meet and greets, nights out together also our occasional meals at restaurants and parties during birthdays and special occasions. All these social activities have helped us all settle into the university and to meet new friends. For next year, we hope to continue hosting more social events and plan more group trips.


We are becoming more active on our social medias where you can easily contact us and stay updated on our upcoming activities.

Feel free to follow us:

-Instagram: @brunelmallusoc

-Facebook: @Brunelmalayalisociety

-WhatsApp: Message us on either FB or insta to be added onto our Group chat.



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