Politics & History


Part of the department or just intrigued? Politics and History encompasses a wide range of all things historical and political to fit every need. Meet all sorts of people from all over!




PHS (Brunel Politics and History Society)

the first point of call for all Brunel students, alumni and staff who are interested in Politics and History.


As a society, we are open to all students across Brunel - so you don't need to be part of the department to be included.

Over the years, we've had numerous events of varying subjects: From talks from MP's and activists to a cracking christmas dinner, there is always something for someone.

Suggestions for events or leading your own is welcomed! 

We're committed to being completely unbiased as a society which gifts us with the ability to invoke a range of disucssions and debates. This makes PH Power hour that much more fun.



Some of our top events include : 

PH Power Hour - Fortnightly thursdays 

Winter and Summer Balls - TBC 

Easter break Euro Trip - TBC




Feel free to shoot us an email or DM on our socials for more Info!






  • Politics & History Standard Membership£5.00
  • Politics & History Associate Membership£10.50

If you're having technical difficulties or struggling to contact a club, please contact Student.Activities@brunel.ac.uk