Start A New Sports Club or Society

Sports Clubs and Societies are student-led groups which take part in community activities here at Brunel. Whether it be playing sports together and competing, running campus-wide cultural events or campaigning. If you and some friends are interested in starting a group here at the Union and want to enjoy all the benefits of being a member of a Union-approved group, then check out the guide below and start applying!


How To Apply

  1. Check that a similar group doesn't already exist by checking out our currently active Clubs and Societies.

  2. Collect the names and emails of at least 15 students who would like to join (this is a minimum requirement to start a new club or society!)

  3. Decide amongst the interested members who would like to form the provisional committee of the Chair, Treasurer and Secretary positions.

  4. Click here to complete the online new club or society application form.


What Happens Next?

  • All applications will initally be reviewed by the Student Activities team, who may get back to you for more information if needed.

  • If the team has all the required details, then the application will be discussed by either The Sports Federation Committee (if it is a sports club application) or The Societies Guild Committee (if it's a society application). These committees are democratically elected students and chaired by the Vice President of Student Activities.

  • The committee meets on a fortnightly basis during term time.

  • Shortly after the discussion, a member of Student Activities will inform you of the decision:

If your group is "Approved" then staff will give you more information on what you need to do to start running your activity, including training for committee members and how to start running events, tournaments, training sessions, meetings or campaigns.

If your group is "Queried" it often means that the committee could not come up with a decision and they require more information. The team will let you know if this is the case and will help you to re-apply.

If your group is "Declined" then it's not necessarily the end of the road and the team will always give you the rationale behind the committee's decision. You can always have a chat with the Student Activities team to see what changes can be made with your agreement and how to apply again.