Target Shooting

The Brunel University Target Shooting Club (BUTSC) exists to provide students with the ability to learn, practice and compete in the sport of target shooting.

Brunel University Target Shooting Club exists to enable anyone at the uni to practice the sport of target shooting in a competitive yet friendly environment. No experience necessary, you'll learn everything you need to know with us!


When do we meet?

Training 2018-19

Air Pistol and Rifle: Every Friday 8 - 10PM in the Sports Centre's Exercise Studio (opposite the IAC).

Smallbore Rifle: Every Wednesday 1 - 6PM (location TBC).

All other events will be announced through our Facebook or Instagram pages!

All you need is the Union Sports Membership and to sign up!


Target shooting is a historic British sport, with successes at Rio 2016 including bronzes in Men's Trap from Edward Ling and Double Trap from Steven Scott. The sport is growing in size, with good prospects for young shooters such as Amber Hill in future competitions.

The main disciplines that we cater for are 10m air pistol and .22 smallbore rifle at 25 yards; we also offer clay pigeon (shotgun) shooting, and fullbore target rifle from 300yds to 1000yds. For airgun shoots, we meet at the Exercise Studio in the Sports Centre, between 8pm and 10pm every Friday.

On Wednesday afternoons we will have .22 smallbore rifle shoots on a 25 yard range, location TBC for 2018. Fullbore target rifle and clay pigeon take place once a month at the historic Bisley Ranges ( and EJ Churchills ( respectively.

The Club competes in the British Universities and Colleges Sports (BUCS) and opportunities are open for members to join the teams in many disciplines!

If you're interested, but not sure you want to join yet, come along to the Friday airgun shoot and give it a go! All we ask is that you have Sports Federation membership.



Date What Where Discipline
27-10-18 Competition Bisley FB TR, CSR
03-11-18 BYSA Weekend Bisley SB TR, FB TR, CSR
??-11-18 Safe Shooter Training Bisley All
02-12-18 Speed Shoot Bisley All


October 27/28th 2018- Fullbore Target Rifle (Fullbore TR), Civillian Service Rifle (CSR) competition with North Herts Rifles

November 3rd/4th 2018 - British Young Shooters Association (BYSA) weekend, Smallbore TR, Fullbore TR, CSR

Late November 2018 - Safe Shooter training weekend

December 2nd 2018 - North Herts Rifles Speed Shoot. AM:Smallbore various rifles, lever actions, Ruger Semi Automatics and replicas, black powder. PM: Fullbore Rifles, Target Rifles, First and Second World War service rifles, Martini Henry

Club Aims

  1. To provide students, staff and alumni with the opportunity to learn to shoot in a fun and friendly environment.
  2. To get members competent in the safe handling and usage of firearms.
  3. To continue to enter the BUCS Championship and compete against rival universities.




  • Target Shooting Standard Membership£0.00
  • Target Shooting Associate Membership£0.00
  • Target Shooting Firearms Associate Membership£0.00

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