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Contemporary, Street, Jazz, Ballet, Commercial, Dance Fitness... There's never been so much variety in one club! Open to all ability levels!


Weekly Classes:

All classes take place in the Isambard Studios!

7pm - 9pm : Workshops (TBC) 

12pm - 1pm : Jazz
1pm - 2pm : Contemporary
2pm - 3pm : Salsa
7pm - 7.45pm : Beginner's Street
7.45pm - 9pm : Advanced Street

4pm - 5pm : TBC 
5pm - 6:30pm : Commercial (heels) 
7pm - 9pm : Ballet

2pm - 4pm : Advanced improvisation 
4pm - 5pm : Beginners tap

5pm - 6pm : Dance fitness

*classes may be subject to change! Please join our group chats to stay updated!

Contact Us:

Chair: Jasmine Lue

Vice chair : Giorgia Pellicanò

Secretary: Lauren Shepherd

For more info on timetabling, teaching hours, shows, performances and workshops please see our:
Instagram: @bruneldance
Whatsapp group:

Feel free to send us any questions you have :)

Join Us:

All our classes are open to anyone with the Dance Membership which is FREE once you have bought the Union Sports Membership.

Upcoming Events:

3 weeks of raising money for ###APPEAL who funds the release or revision of the innocent victims of the justice system.

Join us throughout March to raise some money!