Contemporary, Street, Ballet, Jazz, Tap... There's never been so much variety in one club. Open to everyone, BUDC offers a fun, friendly, inexpensive way to keep fit and socialise!


When do we meet?



Competitions - Instead of holding weekly fixtures like other sports clubs on campus. We have full day competitions like at Royal Holloway, and this year we are planning on doing even more. So make sure to check @bruneldance on Instagram and join our Whatsapp group for all relevant updates!

Show - Around the last week of our 1st term we plan to hold a Christmas Show at Brunel. This gives us the opportunity to show other students routines from our 1st term, along with some more festive choreography. In mid-March, we hold the penultimate production, the show that is on everyone's calendar... The Brunel Dance Show. Here we bring together all of our classes, competition routines, self-choreographed solos and group numbers to show students, the public and family and friends.


Club Aims


  1. To see even more people become involved with Dance
  2. Provide our members with a fun, social setting to try out new styles of Dance
  3. To help existing Dancers sustain and improve on their already achieved level of Dance, whilst also improving that of new Dancers
  4. To achieve a medal holding position at one of our competitions
  5. To hold a fantastic and memorable Christmas and Annual Dance Show


Dance Club Online Meet & Greet
21st September 3pm - 4pm
Performance Taster with the Dance Club
23rd September 3pm - 6pm
Crank Gardens Big Marquee
Dance Club Online Meet & Greet
29th September 3pm - 4pm




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