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Shaolin Nam Pai Chuan is a traditional Kung Fu system that has been taught in the UK since 1979. We are an open and friendly club and welcome anyone from any background.

About Shaolin Nam Pai Chuan

Shaolin Nam Pai Chuan is a traditional Kung Fu system that has been taught in the UK since 1979. Nam Pai Chuan traces its lineage back to Great Grand Master Hui Cheng of the Chek Chian Nan Hai Pooi Chee Temple in China. Master Hui was a direct descendant of the southern Shaolin tradition taught by Buddhist Monks in the tradition of Da-Mo.

Our style encompasses practical self-defence, traditional forms and sequences, sparring, conditioning, weapons training and specialisations in various animal styles prevalent in Shaolin Kung Fu. We also complement our physical fitness with the practice if Chi Gung breathing exercises.

Our style includes many elements including kicking, punching, locking, nerve point and take down techniques, practical self-defence, traditional and paired sequences, classical forms and Chi Gung breathing exercises. We also have various animal forms such as Leopard, Crane, Snake, Eagle, Tiger and Monkey. We have a rich weapons heritage with 18 traditional weapons taught including staff, spear, broadsword, halberd, butterfly knives and the three section staff to name but a few.

The club opened at Brunel in October 2009 and has developed considerably since its first year. We have a wide range of students, with around 40% of our regularly attending members being female. Lessons are in a welcoming environment, with socials occurring at least once a month, within the club, with other members of martial arts groups, and with our sister club ULU in central London. All levels are catered for, with all current members having started as white belts.


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Monday 20:00 - 23:00
Wednesday 20:00 - 23:00
Saturday 11:00 - 13:00

First session always free - come give it a go! 


Social Amenities Building First Floor in the Isambard Complex

Up-Coming Events

  • Kung Fu Bake Sale (October), The Atrium
  • Sports Federation Ball (April), Thistle Hotel Heathrow 
  • Movie Evening (April), Ground Flood Amenities Building 

One of our grand closing events for this term, just a little get together to relax and have a breather. We will be watching a selection of cool action films, not necessarily martial arts related (but you know there will be at least one)! 

Grading Dates

  • September Grading (21/09/2014, 09:00), Chiswick Community School
  • December Grading  (07/12/2014, 09:00), Chiswick Community School
  • March Grading         (16/03/2014, 09:00), Chiswick Community School
  • June Grading           (22/06/2014, 09:00), Chiswick Community School



email: brunelkungfu@yahoo.co.uk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/10150098794905261/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BrunelKungFu






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