What is Futsal?

Futsal is the official FIFA and UEFA indoor variation of Football. It is played in a small-sized pitch in teams of 5 including the goalkeeper. Characterised by the electric pace at which it is played, it is the epitome of a team sport whilst still allowing for individual demonstrations of skill, tricks, and feints that are associated with the sport. Futsal requires split-second decisions, fast counter attacking play and good positioning, as well as being very physically demanding. That being said, one of the major differences between Futsal and Football is the ability to substitute any player as many times as the coach wishes, allowing players to take a quick breather. It is played over two 20-minute halves, with the timer halted every time the play is stopped, eliminating unnecessary time-wasting by the opponent. Although Futsal participation in the UK is growing, the advantages of participating in such a sport were not proven until recently. In contrast, in Brazil Futsal is part of the curriculum and players such as Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Juninho have highlighted the importance of the sport in developing their technical skills. So what are you waiting for? Come and try out Futsal, the Sport that is taking the whole world by storm!

Futsal at Brunel

At Brunel we currently have 4 Men's team and 1 Women's team. Each team competes in the BUCS leagues and has an independent coach and training session. All five teams are highly competitive and require commitment and a high work ethic to succeed. Below is a link to the BUCS website were you can see each team profile and results amongst other things.


We welcome all players regardless of ability to try out for one of the teams through our trial system. If you are keen to try out the sport but don't feel like joining a team, don't worry, we are now part of the active@brunel programme, which allows you to experience the sport without the competitive edge.

To take part in either of these, please find us at the Fresher's Fayre on Tuesday 18th of September and Sign-up!


When do you meet for fixtures?:

The Women's team play their matches on Saturdays.

The Men's teams play their matches on Sundays.

When do you meet for training?:

Active@Brunel - Friday 7.30-10.30pm

Club Aims:

1st team - Retain the league, reach the BUCS Finals

2nd team - Win the league

3rd team - Make top 2 in the league, prioritise the cup

Women's team - Win the league

Club - Team of the year, 35 SPP members

Do you compete in BUCS League?:


Which BUCS League(s)?:

1st team - Premier South-Eastern

2nd team - South Eastern 2A

3rd team - South Eastern 3A

2A Women's - Premier South Eastern

  • Futsal Yellow Card Fine£10.00
  • Futsal £25 Red Card Fine£25.00
  • Futsal £30 Red Card Fine£30.00
  • Futsal £40 Red Card Fine£40.00
  • Futsal Late Payment £2.50 Card Fine£2.50




  • Futsal Men's Standard Membership£0.00
  • Futsal Women's Standard Membership£0.00

If you're having technical difficulties purchasing tickets, please contact Student.Activities@brunel.ac.uk