Student Activities Resources 

This is the place to find all of the resources for your Club or Society - All Online Forms, Event, Constitution & CASES Templates and our Handbooks



Our handbooks are the place to find everything to do with Student Activities explained - If it's not here then we haven't written it yet.


We help students organise lots of events - Here you can use the "Event Form" to plan your event and start the process with a staff member! When we say event we mean everything from booking a room for a committee meeting to selling cakes on the concourse or a club night in The Venue. The form will ask for a risk assessment for which the template below can be downloaded and edited as needed. If you want to plan for the event before submitting the event form feel free to download our project plan template and get your ideas together


New Clubs and Societies

You'd like to become an official Club or Society at the Union Of Brunel Students? Fill in the "New Club/Society" form below and we'll get back to you once one of our standing committees has met. Every academic year clubs and societies neew to submit and up to date constitution which can be downloaded from the below templates.


CASES - Clubs and Societies Evaluation Scheme

CASES is the the "Clubs and Societies Evaluation Scheme" - It allows you to progress through a workbook and self-audit soyou can find what you need to become one of the best clubs or societies at Brunel. If you have any questions about CASES then get in touch with our staff -

Vehicles, Trips and Accidents.

Using these forms you can plan out a trip for your club/society. You'll also be able to request the use of our leased 9 seater minibusses. You can also use our Accident Forms for any accidents or near misses during your activit.

Sports Club Coaches

Some of our Sports Clubs have coaches that support their activities & development. Here is the resources pack for Coaches that they will need to complete including the Service Level Agreement (SLA) before training can begin.




Grant Funding 

Here at the Students' Union, we fund Sports Clubs and Societies through annual grants so that they can organise incredible activities for their members including campaigns, events and meetings - Below you can find the links to various request forms.




Any club/society members that have expenses for their club/society can reclaim the money by completing the club/society reimbursement forms and emailing them with any relevenat receipts/invoices attached to





Here you can find a link to any of the Club and Society elections that might be going on at this moment in time. You can also find a link to resign from your committee position if you need to. You can request admin access to your club/society mini-site of the website so that you can make edits.