Student Media Website Disclaimer


The Brunel Times and Brunel Waves are student run media websites, which are overseen by the Union of Brunel Students.

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While we make every effort to ensure that the information in the content on both websites is appropriate and abides by the UK Media Law, we make no guarantee of this.We welcome correction of errors, reporting of content issues and any other feedback. Anyone can easily provide this feedback by visiting the Report Issues sections on both websites or by emailing

The Report Issues sections are monitored daily by the Brunel Waves and The Brunel Times committees and the Union has a takedown procedure in place. Any content that is reported will be independently checked and then taken down, if deemed necessary.The Union also has an action plan in place, which will be followed in circumstances where any Brunel Waves or The Brunel Times content has been identified as potentially litigious. 

All students involved in the creation of content for the Brunel Waves have signed a contract with the Brunel Waves committee and the Union of Brunel Students. In this contract they agree to abide by the contents of the contract, the Union of Brunel Students Constitution and its byelaws, and the media law.  

All articles published on The Brunel Times website are approved by the Union’s Student Activities team before being published. No students have the website permissions to allow them to publish articles without them first being approved. All Brunel Waves and The Brunel Times committee members have completed Media Law training and no content will be published without one of these trained members first reviewing the content.

The comments section of the Brunel Waves website has been disabled, so that only Brunel Waves society members can publish any content on this website. All comments on The Brunel Times articles are the views and opinions of the commentors and are not those of The Brunel Times, the Union, or the University.

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