Candidate for the position of Vice President College of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences



Hi Everyone! 

I’m Niamh, a 4th year Sports Psychology student and I'm running to be your VP CHMLS. I’ve previously worked within the union running the Active@Brunel social sport programme during my placement year (2019/2020). It’s during this year that I became interested in the officer positions. During my time as the Vice President of CHMLS, I have three simple aims. I would like to improve the sense of community, student engagement and the employability of all the CHMLS students. 


If COVID has taught us anything, it’s the importance of community and connectivity. Unlike other colleges, CHMLS lacks a united community and identity. One way I would like to address this is by introducing a CHMLS Ball during each academic year. The Ball would create an opportunity for students to socialise on a much wider scale than usual. Being the headline social event for the year, it would also offer students in the college the opportunity to be recognised for their hard work through various awards. CHMLS societies also play a key part in creating this community, as Vice President, I would like to increase the funding for those societies so we can effectively increase our reach to all students wanting to participate, particularly students off campus. 


Our reps are essential in communicating student issues to the Vice Presidents and staff. I believe the current rep system needs more resources and more reward to encourage students to maintain a high level of performance. We have great difficulty filling all the rep's positions and I feel believe this is due to the lack of recognition afforded to students. CHMLS societies are also great platforms for increasing student engagement. To help societies flourish year on year I would like to meet with each committee prior to September to guide them in setting goals and putting in place an execution plan. Termly progress meetings will be offered for all CHMLS societies to track and manage performance.  Additionally, I would like to actively promote an open-door policy to students as well as having scheduled drop-in sessions with me each month.


I want to significantly increase the employment opportunities for all CHMLS students. I will do this by hosting a tailored CHMLS careers fair, one that offers face to face time with top employers from industries across the CHMLS courses, this could be adapted to be online depending on COVID circumstances. I would also like to work closely with the PDC and course leaders to improve the quality of placements for students, often students cannot find specific placements that suit their course, or they are unpaid which is often infeasible. In addition, I want to increase the employer engagement within our courses. I want employers to offer real-world assignment briefs that coincide with the module or course in question. Lastly, I would like to offer students more academic opportunities to collaborate with our Team Brunel infrastructure, with particular emphasis on courses such as Physiotherapy, Sports Science and Sports Psychology. Team Brunel offers the excellent foundation for CHMLS students to gain work experience with real athletes and sport participants at all levels. 

Vote Niamh for VP CHMLS!

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