Candidate for the position of Vice President College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences



Hi, my name is Sherina, a lot of you may know me as Sherry from my placement role at Brunel Volunteers or my tenure as the elected Hindu Society President 2018. During my four years at Brunel, I have been a PAL Leader, Student Ambassador, Welcome Guide and Ready Programme Assistant, but most importantly I am a final year International Business student on a mission.

If I was your Vice President for CBASS I would:

  1. Ensure a dual delivery approach for all lectures and seminars.
  2. Organise termly field trips to local and multinational companies.
  3. Assign a mentor to each student struggling with coursework.
  4. Create an online community platform for students to discuss their course-related queries.
  5. Create WhatsApp groups for each subject area.
  6. Help students find work experience in their field of interest.
  7. Develop relationships with key stakeholders at the university.

I am extremely proud to be a student at Brunel and would be honoured to represent the College of Business, Arts and Social Science if successful. I hope you will consider me for this position, I promise you will not regret it! 


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