Candidate for the position of International Students Officer

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About me:

My name is Argon Aliu, and I am a first-year international student studying Computer Science. Currently, I am a first-year Computer Science course representative, which has allowed me to be aware and face the issues that each student I represent faces. The responsibilities I took in this position have equipped me with the necessary information about the students' lives at Brunel University. 

Besides, I am an international student myself and have been through a significant change in my life while being in my first year in London. Moving to London during this unprecedented pandemic, I have learned the hard way how to deal with the setbacks that international students experience. So, I believe that I am the right person to take this position and ensure that other incoming and current International Students have the necessary help and information to get through their difficulties while being away from home. 


Reflecting on my own difficulties and experiences, I have highlighted three points that I firmly believe will help International Students to have a better student and academic life. 

  • Approachability: One of the major issues international students face is not knowing where to address the complaints and difficulties they face. A crucial part of my efforts will be directed to being approachable and willing to go above and beyond to resolve the students' complaints. 
  • Improving students' social and cultural knowledge of the UK: Culture shock can negatively impact social and academic experiences at university. In order to overcome this, meetings and events should be organized mainly to invoke peer interaction which will provide a better understanding of political and economic issues; this will lead to international students understanding their new surroundings. 
  • Providing more social activity: Having only one week to gather international students together is not enough. I will make an effort to maintain peer interaction all year-round to minimize the risk of international students feeling isolated and without a social outlet. Having more extracurricular activities, clubs and societies will help with this. 

Even if the pandemic COVID-19 continuous to be present, I will make sure to accommodate students' needs and implement my ideas accordingly. 

Now, I am asking for your vote for the International Students Officer position. Should you elect me, I will listen to your concerns and work hard for you. 

Thank you. 





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