Candidate for the position of NUS Delegate



NUS i.e. National Union Of Student is an organization active for student's voices working thoroughly for many aspects. NUS organizes campaigns for faulty things going in the UK. At NUS we try to achieve reformation in thinking towards students. At NUS student's basic rights should be safeguarded. Nus has won many champaigns and helped students that meant a lot in many types of situations. I would like to add a point.

What NUS has achieved?

The Student Safety Net campaign forced the government to make £66m available for hardship in England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland and got Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), Office for Students (OfS), and the government to concede that students not receiving adequate education were eligible for refunds and to redo the academic year. At NUS we hear people's problems and present them at the meeting. At the meeting, all members have the right to vote for the solution provided. If I became a member at NUS I would present the problems at Brunel University London and help to get an appropriate solution to the problem. I request all students to vote for me.

What I would do to help the students?

I would shortlist your problems and present them in meeting held in April 2021 and try to convenience them for maximum votes. I would work for students. I promise I would be in the front fighting to the right of the student. The policies made at NUS would be presented to the Uk government by NUS. I would support the policies made by the NUS committee and fight for them. The first thing is student's rights. NUS has started a campaign namely “Students Deserve Better”. I am supporting this campaign which comprises of some rights which had been shrunk in a pandemic situation. These rights are like uphold a student's basic legal right, provide an effective strategy for education now and for post-covid recovery, ensure fair treatment during accommodation lockdowns, etc. I request you to vote for me.

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