Candidate for the position of Assembly Rep for LBIC



Hi everyone.My name is Abhi .I am a 17 years old teenager from India Currently ,I am studying business and management with lbic.

"Let there be a smile on every face". This is main motive as assembly representative for lbic. I will present the problems of lbic students in various fields  and will help in providing solutions to their problems in a way it brings smile and happiness to their faces. I will make sure that lbic students get enough time for completing their assignments and classes are well managed that means no burden of studies on students. I will make students enjoy the academic year by organizing them into different clubs and socities in  which their interest lies in. I will make sure that students who  have a diability or belong to a particular ethnic group will be taken care off so that adjust well with the lbic environment. I will make sure students are well engaged in sports . I will make sure that lbic students have a fruitful weekend. I will take majority of decisions for lbic students which makes their life easier. I will help students in becoming more social to their classmates and students of college.

So guys if you vote for me you can assured of an academic year with full of joy and enjoyment and you will have full support me in times you are in difficulties.

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