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Connie Fernandes

Hi all, it's Connie and I am rerunning for VPSA

Before everything, lets relive some of our wins this year.

1.We were one of the universities offering the most for sports and activities on campus in the UK following government guidelines

2. Organised inter-halls tournament in collaboration with Brunel Residences

3. Worked with Brunel on developing an anti-racism action plan and appointing an anti-racism officer for the university

4. Worked with student support to ensure that the universities Covid-19 hardship fund is now easily accessible

5. Let’s Cook, these videos have gotten over 15k views and have involved societies making it from the students to the students

6. Societies and club takeovers on Union Instagram for increased exposure.

7. Heavily involved in rent reduction fight


Sounds cool right, thing is, I don’t really want to stop there so here are some of my ideas for next year.

  • "ReVarsity” have a week where all sports clubs can play their alumni teams from 2020/2021. Following all the guidelines and letting everyone who has unfortunately missed out on their last varsity be able to come back and play one more time 
  • Storage space has been discussed for what seems like years. This year I we need to put our foot down and find solutions, let’s get secure and dry storage space for the societies and clubs who need it. 
  • Get all the Clubs and Societies working together for the same cause. I suggest we pick a charity at Team Brunel committee and society guild and actively fundraise for that charity, together. 
  • At Brunel we like to say that everyone is included in all our activities, sadly, reports have stated otherwise. I want to make sure that all clubs and societies committees have inclusion and anti-racism training in order to start tackling the issues that have been brought up by our members.
  • During this last year it has come to our attention that there is not enough transparency with what we are doing, this issue can be solved with weekly officer reports which include statements on what we are working on currently and allows the student population to voice their opinion and get involved. 
  • With the new Brexit deal coming into place, EU students will now have to pay enormous fees, and whilst I believe the fee fight is something we should not backdown from. I believe that students who made their academic choices in high school before the fees were negotiated should not be paying more than they anticipated and planned for. My plan to resolve this is lobby the university to take the proposal to the government which states that EU fees should only be increased after 2024. 

As always, I’m more than happy to have a conversation about anything and everything. Just give me a shout. 

Keeping it simple, 

Re-elect Connie for VPSA

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