Candidate for the position of Women's Officer

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I am Hafsa Arif, presently an undergraduate law student on placement. I am running for the position of Women’s Officer

Belonging to an honourable family of the Pakhtoon tribe in Pakistan, I grew up with people shackled in cultural stereotypes. When presented with the question, why do you want to be a lawyer? My impetus was striving for prevailing justice for women. Becoming a female lawyer with an outgoing personality stood a cultural taboo. I was expected to cherry-pick a profession well-matched to my gender in our society. However, I knew I can, and I will! Luckily, I joined Brunel Law School in 2018. 

I have served as the Events Manager and VC of Brunel Law Society. I was the Law Department Representative, and Election and Referenda Committee member. Moreover, I am the first President-elect of the Rotaract club of Brunel. These experiences allowed me to fulfil my commitment to students. Furthermore, as a PAL and a Senior PAL leader, I have enhanced my skills of assisting others and listening to their problems empathetically. 

Additionally, I have worked as BLC ambassador, Brunel, Library, and Gym Buddy- always looking forward to helping fellow students. I have represented Brunel University as their campus ambassador at Unlocked, the Lawyer Portal, Legal Cheek, JENGbA, Tuckers Solicitors, Bird and Bird LLP, and Bright Network. Henceforth, I submit that I will be able to take on such a demanding role without detriment to my studies and meet the expectations of the students. My amicable personality will allow me to be accessible to students and ensure them that their voice is heard.  


If elected for this post, I would aim to:

o Objective 1- Work diligently with Brunel Security Operations team, the Student Centre and Brunel Legal Advice Centre to formulate a ‘Zero-Tolerance’ policy for sexual harassment and bullying on campus. 

o Objective 2- Work on the growth of funding to provide free sanitary products in toilets at various buildings on campus. 

o Objective 3- Work with Mental Wellbeing Project Officer to devise innovative ways of tackling mental health issues amongst students at Brunel.  

 o Objective 4- Work with Brunel Sports Centre to encourage women to get involved in various sports, have their own teams, get featured and promoted on social media to increase female sports visibility.   

o Objective 5- Hold events, campaigns, and workshops on women empowerment, gender bias etc. in collaboration with external organisations and Brunel.

o Objective 6- Form a ‘Lady’s Club’ where Brunel women can enjoy socials and, events and strengthen their alliance with anybody supporting them.  

o Objective 7- Undertake surveys with regards to student suggestions and complaints concerning gender bias, racism, hate speech, Islamophobia, and xenophobia at Brunel University. 

o Objective 8- Organise a ‘Women’s Week’ to celebrate women at Brunel with an aim to be diverse and inclusive.  


These objectives will have a positive impact on women at Brunel since they will allow them to have a firm existence at the university. I hope to get your vote. Thank you!   


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