Candidate for the position of Disabled Students Officer



Twice elected Chair of Civil Engineering Society (CivSoc) and Mature Students' Society (MatureSoc). 

In previous appointments, implemented inclusive and diverse opportunities for students who are:



-the first person in their family to attend university

 -from atypical academic backgrounds before Brunel.

Through seeking and organising speakers, competitions and visitations focusing on building realistic bridges for the development of aforementioned groups.

At Brunel I have expericend personal and community struggles as a disabled student. Thus, developed to become an advocate by nature and listener by nurture. 


More needs to be done to support non-visible disabilities !

More needs to be done to reduce apply inclusive solutions !

More needs to be done to reduce the discrimination and hardships experienced by disabled students!


I will achieve this by influencing policymakers: 

-to listen

-to make practical changes in methods for complaints

-to stop using disabled accommodation for non-disabled students.

-to stop departrments delaying inclusive solution applications by applying time scales connected with Extenuating Circumstances 

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