Candidate for the position of International Students Officer

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Hello, I am Zabar! I am currently a 2nd year law student. Being the current Vice-President of the Bangladeshi Society, a member of the Union and an international student myself, I have learnt about and experienced the struggles that international students face, therefore would like to implement a few ideas to help and support them whether or not I win this election:
-    Linking international students with their country specific societies ensuring full support from the societies for them
-    Making the social media platforms and virtual/face-to-face events more interactive (e.g. Q/A sessions) specifically for international students throughout their years in Brunel
-    With the hopeful support of the President, try to reach on a common ground with the university on fixed international tuition fees.

-    Hold montly Interactive sessions to listen all the problems of the students and try my best to resolve it.

Thank You.


I hope you I can be beside everyone and be a team all in one.

So, VOTE for me to be your voice.

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