Candidate for the position of Vice President Student Activities






  • Increase student engagement with all-inclusive events.

  • Make the gym accessible and cheaper with temporary contracts. 

  • Continuous events throughout the year.

  • Reduce or abolish the cost of using the courts for sports.

  • Work with and support societies in organising events.

  • Increase sports scholarships.

  • Increase university funding on extracurricular activities. 

  • Increase the variety of foods, fit for the diverse public on campus.

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: To make sure that the union is democratic and work for ALL students equally.

Hello, Bonjour, Sat Shri Akaal, Namaste, Hujambo, Ola, Guten tag, Nin hao, Yassas, Merhaba, Shalom, God dag and Asalaam Alaikum, my name is Ibrahim Ahmed Hotiana and I am a candidate for the post of VP Student Activities. Initially, I did not plan to run in these elections but after experiencing, first hand, a number of unfortunate events I thought it was best to stand, not just for myself but for YOU

I know that the past year has been really hard on many of us. It has challenged us in every possible way whether it be financial or emotional. It made us compromise on things, we never thought we would compromise on. It made us settle for things we never thought we would settle for. We have been through, possibly, the worst part of our lives but we will come out thriving. 

Being a full-time on-campus student I believe that I am the best fit for this post as I am available 24/7. If elected as the VP student activities I pledge to bring a swift transition to the post-covid period. I will put in every bit of effort to make up for all the events and activities that were missed due to covid. I will work tirelessly to plan and implement events on a daily basis as soon as the government loosens the lockdown. 

As you all might already know we have loads of facilities already available on campus but what we currently lack is engagement. I would love to work on getting everyone involved with events so that we can get to know one another and to make the overall student experience much more exciting. 

There are a bajillion event ideas that I have in mind for you, from foam parties to festivals and from local karaoke nights to live bands. If elected and given the opportunity I would love to execute all of them.


Vote IBRAHIM as your #1 preference for VP Student Activities.

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