Candidate for the position of NUS Delegate

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Hello everyone! 

Who am I? ?

  • I'm Bhargavi G contesting to be an NUS Delegate in the upcoming elections. Currently, I am a second-year student pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.  
  • I am energetic, strategic, a quick thinker and an empath by heart so I believe I can understand and relate to all age groups. I strive for new opportunities and adventures. I believe anyone who is pushed in the right direction can positively influence the future.

Why am I contesting?  

  • Coming from a small town, Education has played a major role in altering the way I view the world. It has given me the courage to progress and thrive in a new country braving new challenges. For all these reasons, Education is very close to my heart and I'm putting myself out there because I care about the betterment of the world and the best way to make it happen is by investing in educating people.  
  • As a student, I have seen the devastating effects that the lack of support students can have. Over the last year, I have witnessed a lot of students suffer immensely especially due to the challenges thrown at them because of Covid-19. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to have exceptional advice and guidance, however, I understand that this was not the case for everyone, and I want to work towards ensuring all students have substantial support and direction. 
  • I'm the best person for this position as I have made several useful contacts and allies throughout the university and have a good understanding of the existing structure. By electing me will see your voice at the centre of everything.

Why should you vote for me? 
Key points of my manifesto : 

  1. Work towards establishing a system that will work for everybody. I will work towards securing Internships/Placements for the majority of the student population and not only a few enabling students. I will introduce beneficial job fairs that encourage companies that are looking to hire students instead of companies that focus on self-promotion. 
  2. Safety and Security of all Students. I will work towards enhancing the security measures as there have been incidents of mugging around the University. I will focus on increasing the safety measures to prevent any further mishaps. 
  3. Student Activism. I will focus on all-round student development instead of only academic prosperity. I will organise workshops and encourage networking events to help the students face the realities of professional life and reach their highest potential.
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