Candidate for the position of Vice President College of Engineering, Design and Physical Sciences

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Eshna Sikri

Heya! I am Eshna and I am re-running for VPCEDPS.


I have worked on several things being a student at Brunel and being elected as your VPCEDPS.

  • I have worked as a part of a team to establish Santander bicycles for our campus.
  • I led the implementation of a safety net/no-detriment policy for our students.
  • I have won 24*7 study spaces on campus for CEDPS students throughout the pandemic and extended study hours for Library.
  • Remote access for the software’s through VMHorizon.
  • I have engaged with the university officials in reducing rent and getting rent freezes for students.
  • I am currently working on with Student union officers across the UK to fight for tuition fee rebates. Leading on this from Brunel university! SUAF (@suaf21) • Instagram photos and videos
  • Achieved an increase in COVID-19 hardship funding for all students.

I strongly believe that from my experience this past year, I can achieve much more for our students. If elected I will continue to lobby, and win the following for our students:


Quality Education

  • Increase study spaces with better equipment commencing COVID!
  • Continue fighting for getting tuition fee rebates for all students on a national level! Push NUS to support Union of Brunel Students along with other SU’s for tuition fee remission.
  • Create a better relationship between the college and the students.


Better Facilities

  • Enhance the quality of support from PDC for placement and graduate roles.
  • Increase support from the student center with better training and more staff for mental health support and first response.
  • Improve PG representation and student's voice.


Support and Empower student             

  • Support existing CEDPS societies, and affiliate with institutions like IMechE, IChemE, Raes, etc. to boost student’s CV in this pandemic.
  • Support and empower our student reps throughout the year!


   Fun Activities

  • Increase funding for these academic societies to help student engagement.
  • Organize an INTERCOLLEGE achiever’s ball across CEDPS, CBASS, and CHMLS at the end of the year!


I am happy to chat about any issues that you are facing and work on them alongside these points, feel free to contact me on email or Instagram: @re_elect_eshna_4_vpcedps and @_about_eshna. 


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