Candidate for the position of Chair of Student Assembly



‘History is In the making, and I want each voice to be heard’,  which is why I need the support of your votes !

If elected , my primary focus will be ensuring that no student feels alone. In my capacity  as your chairperson of the student assembly I aim to always  be approachable as a friend , and do my best to solve all issues brought to my attention with utmost sincerity and with the motto, ‘No issue is small enough!’

Samridh Sidharth Shandilya for student assembly chair - #SSSFORCHAIR

S - Strive

S – Serve

S - Socialise


What Do I aim to achieve ?

  • Prioritising a culture of Greater accountability while establishing an impeccable  standard of discipline expected  from all elected student officers.
  • To work towards reinforcing the university’s aim for all students to have equal opportunity to enjoy, challenge , influence and benefit from all areas of their studies and to build upon the student experience at Brunel to make it more inclusive and representative of the vibrant cultures which treat the university as a home away from home.
  • To guarantee that all officers and staff of the union always put the issues effecting the students in these difficult times over their own personal agendas .
  • To better equip the student assembly in meeting the distinct problems being faced by university students in these difficult times.

What Do I bring to the table?

  • I aim to make the minutes of all democratic meetings of the university accessible to students in a summarised form to bring more transparency in the workings of the union and to open the union’s work to criticisms from not only the elected officers but from students at brunel.
  • I would  emphasise on the importance of socialising and bringing about an ethos of harmony and brotherhood In all students irrespective of their ideology , background or cultural differences
  • I will ensure that the union prioritises the mental health issues which have impacted all students in one way or the other due to the pandemic and work towards making the brunel campus a fun , diverse and happening place where students can gradually get back into their pre-pandemic lifestyle with all the more positivity and enthusiasm .


Win or lose , I would like you to remember these evergreen lines from the movie Toy Story , “ You’ve got A friend in me.”

So fellow students, it is essential that you exercise your right to vote this Spring Election!


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