Candidate for the position of Environment and Ethics Officer



"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." 

Hi there! I am Tanvi Tondwalkar and I am an international law student currently in my second year. I have always tried my best to do good for the environment by actively taking measures to contribute towards environmental restoration. And becoming the Environment and Ethics Officer would give me an amazing opportunity to bring a change with everyone's support.

If given a chance I would want to implement several policies to make the Union more environmentally considerate.

Why me?

  • Back in my home country (India), I have been part of various cleanliness and plantation drive and initiated a few of them too.
  • Been part of the READY Programme, where my team and I came up with a few sustainable ideas for a refugee camp.
  • I have also given a few presentations in an entire legal department of a firm and was quite successful in implementing a few strategies.
  • I am well-organised and have good management skills and the qualities for being a good leader. I have always been fearless and have stood up for what's right without any hesitation. And at the same time, I am someone with an amicable personality, am quite approachable and would always welcome your valuable suggestions.

My Aims:

  • To improve recycling facilities on campus.
  • Organise more activities such as Cleanliness and Plantation drives and other volunteering activities during Green week and try to increase student participation.
  • Reduce usage of plastic and reduce carbon footprint
  • Try to make free drinking water available on campus
  • Operating in a fair and ethical way 
  • Encourage the use of Santander Bikes for commuting 
  • I would encourage every single person; students, professors, and all staff members to take initiatives to work in a "greener" manner. 

If you too want to bring about a change so please cast your valuable vote in my favour and together let’s make this possible! :)

If you have any other concerns or questions, please feel free to contact me at

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