Candidate for the position of Vice President College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences



I Silviya Gupta, current International Final year Law student. Alongside I worked as a paralegal, at council of Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. I was previously elected as Student Assembly Member and the Brunel Radio Manager, back in 2017. 

If I get elected, I assure all the students to bring THE CHANGE, which we all aim for. I want to be a voice of every Brunel student which have been left unheard on many occasions. 

Over the time span, COVID-19 has taught us enormus amount of things and we as students have faced colossal amount of discomfort in adjusting to the new mode of learning. I believe, every student is different and have different ways of learning. Hence, to help everyone I pledge :

Quality Education by:

  • Reducing the class strength - reduce the number of students in large group sessions to make it more interactive.
  • Encouraging students to seek help from the ASK Team and Language centre.
  • Introducing more workshops which will help students to boost their confidence
  • Introducing more IT workshops for everyone.
  • Increasing career advice services.
  • Adapting centralised approach in delivering and uploading of the learning material in a formatted way.

I will make sure, every student is familiar with each and every facilities available.


Alongside, I also AIM to: 

Increase the number of available resources like more eBooks and open study space around the campus. Special access for the UG final year students 24*7

Create more job opportunities for students on campus and off campus. (Parttime and permanent)

Facilitate students with Temporary Accommodation. The objective is to allow students rent a room on campus for Limited period while they are in search of another room in extinguating circumstances at reduced prices. 

Increase security on campus

Increase health care services.

  • Increase the mental health awareness
  • I intend to Introduce Brunel private dental service at reduced price

Other issues that are under discussion with the union members and university's administration are following:

  1. Reduce the tuition fee for international students. Alongside, I propose - fight for flexible fee payment plans.
  2. Rent strikes.

Assuring that I will take charge of everything with full responsibility and Dedication.

Summing up: if I get elected as a Vice President of CBASS I promise to be a connecting line among the students, the union, and the University itself.

Provide student the best University experiences and a friendly place of education, which everyone desserves. I will be available for everyone at every step possible.

Please do not let others, influence you. I know we all are wise, when it comes to electing a candidate!!

Thank you, Together YOU and I, Lets work for the Bright Future.


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