Donate your unwanted items and leftover food!

As the end of term draws closer, most of you will be looking at going home for the summer. You may have some leftover unopened food items that you don

Are EU registered?

The referendum on our membership of the European Union is happening on June 23rd. You must be registered to vote in order to have your say in this onc

Things to remember when moving out of your student accommodation

The excitement of moving back home to see your old friends or the cat could mean that you don't think properly about what to consider now that you're

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The Union
Spring Elections & Referenda Results

Fri 11 Mar 2016

Uhoh, no news!
Uhoh, no news!

What's On

Fri 27th May

END OF YEAR Mega Global
Academy and Loco's
The biggest night of the week
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Spotlight On

Women's Football

Your Officers

Ali Milani


Yousef Mohamed

Vice President


Marcus Stein

Vice President


Aaron Lowman

Vice President


Michael Darlow

Vice President

Student Activites

Pauldy Otermans

Vice President


Find your reps


With hundreds of activities for you to choose from you can be sure to find one (or seven) to get involved with! From Athletics to Accounting, Weightlifting to Women in STEM and Design, there's something for everyone.

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