Honorary Life Membership

Honorary Life Memberships are awarded to those deemed to have made a significant contribution to the Union and its members.

Who's got an Honorary Life Membership?
Can I request one for someone?

See the list of current members.

An Honorary Life Membership is requested through the Student Assembly at the Union Meeting by a motion you submit. This motion needs to have two supporters (a proposer and seconder).

Student Assembly members then vote on the motion. If it passes, the new Honorary Life Member will receive their membership card and certificate from the Union's admin department.

What do Honorary Life Members receive?
What are the benefits?

All Honorary Life Members get:

  • an Honorary Membership Pack, which includes a membership card and certificate, as well as a printed copy of the information on this page.
  • access to all Union facilities upon production of their membership card and photo ID. Members can sign in two paying guests.
  • the ability to speak at Union Meetings and other functions, providing they identify themselves to the meeting chair before it starts.

Further benefits may be offered in the future. We'll make any details of these available on this page.


What are the terms and conditions?

An Honorary Life Member will automatically have their membership revoked if:

  • they’re convicted of a serious criminal offence which would, by association, bring the Union into disrepute.
  • they take actions which bring the Union into disrepute - this includes misrepresenting the Union to the media, including through social networking sites.
  • they take legal action against - or a public dispute with - the Union.
  • they’re banned from any Union premises for misconduct.
  • they’ve run up debts with the Union which remain unpaid.