We have hundreds of people representing you! Why? Because we want Brunel to reflect the views of all students and, together with other Students' Unions, we don't have to stop at Brunel, we work together to make student life amazing! How? From Course Reps to your Union President, every representative gives every student a louder voice. Together we can make a huge difference and change for the better. There are so many ways we represent you on a university, local, national and international level.

Meet your Officers, Chairs and Reps here.



We are student-driven, led by democratically elected positions, and supported by over 30 full-time staff. We have elections to ensure that those people representing the views of students are the people you as students feel best represent you. They also allow us to have a student leadership team to take a lead on projects and campaigns, ensuring your issues are being acted upon effectively.

Make your voice heard! The easiest way to make sure your views are represented is to vote!

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We're a campaigning organisation, it's at the heart of everything we do. We exist to represent you and your views, and sometimes that means we'll be campaigning for the things you believe in. We've run awareness campaigns on big issues such as Alcohol, Drugs and Personal Safety, Mental Health, Fairtrade Fortnight, Green Week and Plagiarism Awareness. We've campaigned for change; lobbying the university to podcast lectures, fighting an increase in halls fees and joining national campaigns against cuts to higher education.

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Student Assembly & Union Meetings

Student Assembly is the Union's main decision-making body. It creates and oversees our guiding policies, holds the Student Officers to account, and is involved in Union campaigns and development. Meetings are held on the last Thursday of each month during term time. All students can attend, but only Members can vote on decisions at them. Union Meetings happen twice a year and are different from Student Assembly in that any student can attend and vote, so they provide an opportunity for you to suggest changes at the Union. All Student Assembly Members have to attend these Union Meetings, which can override the decisions of Student Assembly or the Officers, call a Referendum, and set out new Union policies.