"No one has ever become poor by giving.."

Total Raised for 2015/2016:£104,570.52

About R.A.G

Brunel RAG is responsible for all charity work in the Union of Brunel Students. Our aim is to offer every single student the chance to raise money & have fun doing so, all in the name of charity. We work with sports clubs, societies, and individual students to deliver engaging, exciting & innovative fundraising activities. Last year alone we collectively raised £104,570.52! We had events both big and small, such as face painting or climbing Kilimanjaro! We have even cycled to Paris and travelled to Nepal to help rebuild a playground as a part of the #TaughtNotTrafficked scheme.


Over the years Brunel RAG has raised a substaintial amount of money for many different charities such as Breast Cancer Now, MERU, Trinity and Childreach International. Last year alone we collectively raised £104,570.52!

We won't stop there! We want to take Brunel RAG further, continuing our legacy and making it stronger. This year our target is £115,000! We're going to host bigger events on campus such as Jailbreak and Lost and we want you to help us make all of this happen.


Be sure to buy* a t-shirt and bracelet (or two) to represent Brunel RAG. Especially so if you're a RAG Rep! All the money you spend here will go to hosting bigger and better events enabling us to raise more money for the charities we represent.

*All products are bought to order.

Here are just a few of some of the exciting challenges will we be hosting for you!

Jailbreak: You have 48 hours to get as far away from Brunel without spending any of your own money! This is a new challenge for Brunel RAG and you'll be the first participants to experience this epic adventure.

Lost: You will be in an unknown location and within 48 hours you need to make it back to Brunel. However, there is a catch though - you're not allowed to spend any of your own money and you're not allowed to use GPS! The first team back, wins.

ReBuild Nepal: Travel to Nepal with Childreach International and help ReBuild after the tragic earthquakes. You will need to pay a £295 registration fee and fundraise £2335 from the moment you sign up - easy (however if you choose to find your own flights you'll have a lesser fundraise target)! This will cover all of your costs, provide money to the wonderful people you'll be working with and to Childreach for their other projects. You also get the opportunity to have a week of independent travel to experience Nepal. Last year students who participated raised £15,170.86!

Climb Mount Kilimanjaro: You will be faced with the challenge of climbing the worlds highest free standing mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro at 5,896m, with Childreach International! There is a registration fee of £295 and you will have to fundraise £2985 from the moment you signup (however if you choose to find your own flights you'll have a lesser fundraise target). Our students raised £37,324.12 from this challenge alone!

London-Paris: Cycle from London to Paris with Breast Cancer Now! Be a part of an amazing team and test your limits. There is a registration fee of £165 and a fundraising target of £995. Last year 22 students successfully cycled to Paris and collectively raised £22,650!

You will also have the opportunity to complete mini challenges like 'Do the 'Running Man' in front of a monument' to earn points, the more points you earn, the more time gets deducted from your travel time when you make it back to Brunel! The person with the least time on their clock after all deductions wins!