University Procedures 

We offer support and guidance relating to ALL university procedures. If you have a problem with your course, your studies and/or a member of staff, come and talk to us for confidential and independent advice on your options.

If you wish to appeal your academic results, we can offer in-depth advice regarding relevant procedures, merit of your case and grounds for appeal. Please click above on Academic Appeals

If you experienced difficulties which impacted on your academic progress, we can advise you on Extenuating Circumstances process. Please click above for a guide on Extenuating Circumstances.

If you are accused of any sort of disciplinary offence – either academic or non academic – then contact us without delay for help with understanding the procedures, and preparing your response. Please click above on Disciplinaries.

Equally, we can assist you if you are a subject of Fitness to Study or Professional Suitability procedures. Please click above for relevant Guides.

And finally, if you want to know what to do if you wish to suspend your studies, transfer to another course or University or if you’d like to withdraw, we can help with advice on steps to take.


Advice & Representation Centre: independent and confidential service of the Union of Brunel Students