Academic Help

A large reason behind academic miscondust is a lack of preperation, which can lead to both accidentally not following procedures to purposefully cheating due to desperation. To help you avoid this, we have resources to support students in their studies, whether it's in developing academic skills or for general wellbeing.

Advice Service

The Advice Service is provided by the Union of Brunel Students and, as such, is independant from the University. They provide a free, confidential and non-judgemental service for all Brunel students and strive to support you fully.

To contact the Advice Service, you can complete this enquiry form.

Academic Skills

The Academic Skills service, also known as ASK, supports students by helping them develop the skills needed to learn independently and thrive academically, regardless of current skill and subject.

Some of their services include:

A series designed to walk you through the writing process, which you can find here.

ASK can be contacted via

Student Support and Welfare Team

The Student Support and Welfare Team provide advice and guidance directly to staff to help you support students. The support they offer covers a wide range of University aspects, such as academic, financial, and personal enquiries.

The team can be contacted via

Disability and Dyslexia Service

Student Wellbeing provides support to over 1,500 students each year. These include students with dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties as well as physical and sensory disabilities and long term health conditions.

You can contact them via

Harvard Referencing

A common reason for academic misconduct is simple improper referencing. Below, you'll find a guide on Harvard Referencing — it's always good to keep a copy of this when writing out your references.