Drug & Alcohol Awareness Week Varsity 2019


Drug & Alcohol Awareness week is run every year in order to raise the issue of substance abuse among our membership. We take this very seriously because of our role as a responsible organisation with our Bar and Venue.


We want to make sure that Students are aware of the impact of drugs and alcohol and to stay safe both on and off campus. A recent study, conducted by the National Union of Students found that:

  • 39% of respondents reported that they currently use drugs, and 17% had done so in the past. As a result, 56% of our overall respondents reported having used drugs at some point.
  • Most respondents said they use drugs occasionally (23%), rather than regularly (10%), or on most days (6%).
  • Mental health is clearly a factor in student drug use; 31 percent of respondents who have used drugs say they have done so to deal with stress and 22 percent to self-medicate for an existing mental health problem.
  • Two-thirds of these respondents stated that taking drugs had improved their day-to-day experience of an existing mental health condition yet one-third felt that a mental health condition had worsened as a result of drug use.
  • Overall, students showed largely accepting attitudes towards drugs, with the majority of all respondents (62 percent) telling us that they do not have a problem with students taking drugs recreationally.

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Help & Advice



National confidential drugs advice

Email: frank@talktofrank.com

Live-chat: www.talktofrank.com (2-6pm)

Text: 82111

Tel.: 0300 123 6600



Alcohol-related information and support


Mind on ‘recreational drugs and alcohol’


24-hour helpline offering info, support and advice on drugs & legal issues surrounding drugs

Tel. 020 7729 9904


Alcoholics Anonymous

Tel. 0800 9177 650

Email: help@alcoholics-anonymous.org.uk


Narcotics Anonymous

Tel. 0300 999 1212 (10am - midnight)