Freshers' Fayre

Freshers' Fayre

You definitely don’t want to miss this one! Freshers' Fayre is your first chance to meet/join one of our many sports clubs or societies here at Brunel. Throw yourself in – You could meet friends for life!


Cut the queues and download the Brunel Students App before you arrive. 


For more information on the app, click here.

This is your best opportunity to find out exactly what is on offer for you at Brunel. Walk around the Fayre and chat to all the clubs and societies Brunel has to offer and see if any take your fancy!

The best advice for starting University is to get involved! Join a sports club, join a society! Or if you can't see one you like the look of, you can start your own.

Make sure you visit the Union area and learn about your elected Officers and Chairs, how the Union can help you and all the fun events and activites we put on over the year.

What ever you do this Freshers' Week, get yourself to Freshers' Fayre!

Find out more about Freshers' Week here


Event Details

  Tuesday 19 September 2017

  10am - 4pm