Elections Drop-In

Elections Drop-In

Do you want to know more about running in the election? Maybe you're not sure you have the time, or perhaps you think a friend is going to be running against you. Nothing to fear, the Student Voice Team are here to chat about the Spring Elections and whether you'd like to become a leader of the Union of Brunel Students!

What Roles Are Available?

There are Full-Time Officer positions, Part Time Officer positions, and elections for Clubs and Societies for every group, from the Afro Carribean Society to the Weightlifting Club.

Where Is The Drop In?

You can find the Student Voice Office by walking to the toilets next to the LOCOS Bar in the Hamilton Centre and then walking towards the ARC (Advice and Representation Centre). Once you're there, you'll need to open the door next to the ARC to walk down a Corridor, and after the second door - the office is just on your left.

When Is The Drop In?

Between 2PM and 4PM - Come early, or you might just miss out!

Can I Ask You Anything?

Absolutely anything - Assuming it's at least slightly linked to the Spring Elections. You can ask us about campaigning, how to write your manifesto, how to talk to students or the rules and regulations. We can even tell you how we count the votes.


Event Details

  Wednesday 14 February 2018

  2pm - 4pm

  Student Voice Office

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