Student Assembly

Student Assembly

Student Assembly is the Union's main decision-making body. It creates and oversees our guiding policies, holds the Student Officers to account, and is involved in Union campaigns and development.

Meetings are held about once a month during term time, and are open to all students to attend.

Who are the elected voting members of Student Assembly?

  • The five Officers and the Executive Committee
  • One Rep for each Department in the University, elected every autumn.
  • 15 Community Members from the student body at large.
  • 1 representative from LBIC
  • 2 active@brunel committee members
  • 2 Societies Guild Committee Members

Where can I find details of past and upcoming meetings?

For more information and to find out about any upcoming meetings go here.


Any student can attend and speak at a Student Assembly Meeting. If you wish to attend please sign up, by midday on the day of the meeting and we will send you the guest link.

Event Details

  Thursday 04 February 2021

  6pm - 8pm


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