Green Impact – Silver

We are committed to having a positive impact on our environment and this awards shows our dedication. We are well on our way to achieving gold.

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1,396,047 individual page views on

£262,284.02 of tickets, memberships and products sold on our website.

Our website is a key communication tool within the Union and we are always looking to improve it. We have made it easier for students to buy tickets, memberships and products online so they can do it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


New Student Media

We have invested more than £2,000 in new equipment and improved facilities in student media, particularly our radio station, and with the help of student media volunteers we have turned unusable space into a vibrant student media hub. Far from perfect, we hare lobbying the university to improve the facilities further and we hope by the end of the next academic year, to have our student media hosted in fantastic, fit for purpose facilities.

£62,000 of Sponsorship

This money has been reinvested into the Union and used to enhance Union activity and support for our membership over this academic year.

247 Cars paid over £3800 to sponsor Freshers Week, Alcohol & Drug Awareness Week and One World Week.

Fresher’s week sponsorship helped with allowing us to put on a fantastic freshers week for new students.  This sponsorship also enabled us to deliver our Alcohol and Drug Awareness campaign during returners week.  This campaign includes raising awareness of alcohol intake, the dangers of drink/drug driving and provides advise on where locally to get to help with addiction management.

The advertising on the wall planners and Union Guides meant that our students where furnished with the knowledge of the Unions activities and thus given the chance to get involved in numerous activities which would enhance their experience at Brunel.

One World Week sponsorship allowed us to put on a fantastic event during one world week, which encouraged students to celebrate the diverse culture here at Brunel and become more aware of other cultures on campus.

Viper 10's sponsorship of Varsity and Sports Federation Ball came to over £2000.  Sponsorship of these  allowed us to put on a fantastic events designed to celebrate the achievements of sports clubs, and thank our students for their time and dedication. Their production of the Varsity Makers clothing meant that student from both Brunel and St. Mary's could easily identify them and ask for help or advice on the day. The addition of the Varsity Makers increased spectators enjoyment of the event and added to the atmosphere. 


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Best Bar None – Silver

We’ve been given this for great work in promoting safe alcohol retailing and student safety within the late night industry.

4,384 years of savings
with NUS Extra Cards 

We have sold 2497 NUS Extra cards to our members this year. These cards provide a huge range of discounts from local stores to multi-nationals and can last up to 3 years. Card holders without too much effort are often saving hundreds of pounds a year thanks to the card they purchased from their Union.

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