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Officer Statement

Our thoughts go out to everyone affected by the events that have taken place in Palestine and Israel over the last week. Many of our members will feel affected in different ways, and many will be distressed by the ongoing situation as it continues to intensify and the loss of life continues to rise.  

The Students’ Union is here to help and support anyone affected, and encourage you to reach out for support if you are struggling in any way. Some of the support services available to you from the union and university are listed below:

  • The Union Advice Service can be contacted through the enquiry form here  
  • The University's Student Support Services, who can provide support on any number of individual circumstances, are available here. 
  • The meeting house is available to those of all faiths. 
  • Every student has a personal tutor, and they will be able to advise any members who might want to access extensions or extenuating circumstances if they feel that their studies are being affected. Details of the university extenuating circumstances policy can be found here

We strongly believe in the freedom of speech and are committed to promoting open and respectful dialogue between our members. However, whilst we acknowledge the strength of feeling around this issue, we will not tolerate any discrimination or targeting of individuals or groups as a result of their position on this matter, their faith, their ethnicity or their nationality. This has no place on our campus or within our community, and we expect our members to treat each other with dignity and respect.  Whilst we encourage everyone’s right to freedom of speech and freedom of expression, that freedom comes with responsibilities and these rights are limited by law. 

The Union is committed to supporting a safe and tolerant environment where every student can thrive.   We hope that a solution can be found quickly to de-escalate the conflict and hope that our communities on campus can continue to voice their opinion, debate world affairs and protest where appropriate, but above all do so sincerely and respectfully and keep the campus and our digital environment vibrant, welcoming and safe for all.

The University’s report and support platform is available for anyone who experiences something they feel they need to raise or report in confidence.