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Societies Ball - The Winners!

Brunel University Societies Ball – The Results! 

Last week we came together to celebrate the hard work, dedication, and achievements of our societies throughout the academic year. Read on to find out all the results and find out who won the awards! 

CASES Awards: Recognizing Societal Excellence
The CASES (Creating Active Societies through Effective Support) process encourages societies to reflect on their progress and strive for continuous improvement. Awards were given at three levels this year – a big congratulations to all our winners!

Believers Love World
Dermatology and Plastics
DJ and Music Production
First Love
Greek & Cypriot
The Bridge

Environmental Science

First Aid

We also have our a range of awards for outstanding contributions for various aspects of achievement, read on to find out about the winners and runners-up for each award!

Best Society Campaign
This award recognizes societies that dedicated their activities to a cause or campaign, raising money or spreading awareness:

Winner: Sylheti Society
The Sylheti Society raised funds for the Maternal Aid Association, benefiting healthcare, medicine, and education for mothers and young girls in developing countries. Over six fundraising events, they significantly contributed to improving maternal mortality rates and empowering future generations.

First Aid Society: Their ‘Restart a Heart Day’ campaign by St John Ambulance aimed to raise awareness about cardiac arrests and teach CPR and defibrillator use. With timely CPR and defibrillator use, survival chances can increase up to 70%.
Believers’ Love World: Promoted their Agape Music Concert with interactive content and a gripping trailer for the 'On The Fence' live production play. The concert and play attracted over 350 students.

Best Fundraising Event Award
This award honors societies that excelled in fundraising efforts for specific causes:
Winner: Sylheti Society
The Sylheti Society raised more than £500 for the Palestine Emergency Charity Appeal by selling food and other items. They ensured respectful handling of the event and encouraged research on the topic.
First Aid Society: Their bake sale raised £75 for St John’s Ambulance, supporting first aid education and services. They also provided first aid cover for numerous campus events.

Best Trip
Recognising societies that organised exceptional trips, providing members with valuable experiences:

Winner: Consulting Society
Bloomberg Visit: Attended the "Preside" event, connecting members with industry leaders and peers from across the UK to discuss Gen Z’s expectations from employers regarding societal impact.

Civil Engineering Society: Visited the High Speed Two construction site, gaining valuable insights into one of the UK’s largest infrastructure projects.
Bangladesh Society: Organized an inter-university picnic at Hyde Park, fostering connections with Bangladeshi societies from other universities.

Best Inter-Society Collaboration
This award celebrates collaborative events that brought together diverse members for enriching experiences:

Winner: First Aid & Bangladesh Societies
CPR and First Aid Training: Provided essential training to Bangladesh society members, enhancing their practical skills through structured sessions on CPR, wound care, and slings.

Business, Consulting & Debating Societies: Joint Christmas Night with karaoke, games, and fundraising for the Union’s Raise and Give funds.
Civil Engineering, Art Society, and Innovia: ‘Build and Model’ event, promoting model building in a fun, competitive environment.

Best Event
Highlighting the most impactful and memorable events of the year:

Winner: Bangladesh Society
The Bangladesh society won for their work putting together the Falgun Festival: A vibrant event celebrating the arrival of spring with traditional dance performances, music, and cultural displays, attended by 350 participants. The society effectively promoted the festival through social media and campus outreach.

Consulting Society: Participated in the UCL Case Competition, providing members with a prestigious platform to compete and learn from professionals.
First Aid Society: Radio and Scenario Night, where members practiced first aid skills in realistic scenarios, enhancing their confidence and readiness.

Best Online Presence
Recognizing societies with engaging and informative online platforms:

Winner: Bangladesh Society
The Bangladesh society consistently posted up-to-date news, event information, and notable dates. They effectively used reels and high-quality posts to engage followers.

Consulting Society: Provided engaging content across Instagram, LinkedIn, and newsletters, keeping their audience informed and inspired.
Business Society: Showed significant improvement on Instagram and WhatsApp, increasing membership through consistent posts.

Best Newcomer Award
Celebrating new societies that made a significant impact:

Winner: Debating Society
The Debating society hosted regular debates on high-profile issues, maintaining neutrality and fostering constructive discussions.

Open Mic Society: Created a space for students to showcase talents through regular events.
Data Science Society: Hosted numerous events shortly after its inception, including coding contests and career development sessions.

Most Improved Society
Honouring societies that demonstrated remarkable growth and improvement:

Winner: Bangladesh Society
The society organised more than 20 events with high participation throughout the year, showcasing their commitment to community engagement and cultural exchange.

Consulting Society: Achieved a 179% increase in memberships and enhanced event quality through targeted marketing and active participation.
Business Society: Fostered connections with the Business School, enhancing visibility and providing valuable networking opportunities.

Individual Award for Outstanding Contribution
Recognizing individuals who went above and beyond in their roles:

Winner: Emilia Karatzia – Greek & Cypriot Society
Emilia organised numerous events, including club nights, sports matches, and cultural gatherings, significantly enriching the society’s offerings and member experience.

Clara Fior – Consulting Society: Managed her master’s degree and new job while excelling in her role, creating engaging newsletters and organizing stellar events.
Sonali Chowriappa – Business Society: Created interactive experiences for members, facilitated communication with the Business School, and handled social media engagement.

Committee of the Year Award
Recognising the most cohesive and effective committees:

Winner: Consulting Society
The consulting society demonstrated cohesive teamwork, careful planning, and effective communication throughout the year, ensuring alignment with society goals and member engagement.

Indian Society: Managed the largest society on campus with a diverse program of events, creating a supportive community for Indian students.
Pakistani Society: Organised a wide range of events for their members, including sports, cultural celebrations, and collaborative activities.

Society of the Year Award
The highest honour for the most outstanding society, demonstrating exceptional organisation and member engagement:

Winner: Consulting Society
The Consulting Society maintained seamless operations through meticulous planning, financial management, and event execution. Their activities empowered members and positively impacted the university community, fostering personal and professional development.

First Aid Society: Demonstrated dedication to first aid education and community involvement, providing life-saving skills and supporting campus events.
Bangladesh Society: Showed remarkable event execution and membership growth, contributing significantly to campus life through diverse activities.

Congratulations to all the winners and participants for their remarkable achievements!