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Quacking start to the year!

Term 1 has been a ducking good time with Brunel Archers waddling their way through 2 competitions so far, coming 7th (senior) and 3rd (novice) on the leaderboards. Shoutout to some of the best ducks in the pond; William Salaris, Laura Middleton, Molly Galloway, Nikhil Manikala and Samantha Kershaw all making the teams in the SEAL legs so far.

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SEAL Leg 1 Team

Term 1 has been an exciting and active time for Brunel Archers, with a new committee, the ducklings course, new ducklings joining the pond, competitions, broken records, and probably a few too many socials. 

This year's paddling of committee members, led by Molly Galloway (Chair), have built an even stronger Brunel Archery club than ever seen before. Committee members include April Medina (Secretary), William Salaris (Treasurer), Martyna Kaczmarek (Competition Coordinator), Harry King (Social), Benji Falla-Quiroz (Equipment officer), Jazzy Grigsby (Web Officer).

Brunel Archer's beginners course saw 52 new ducklings safely pass 5 weeks of training, supported by each committee member and the club's coach, James Quackson. 

So far the Brunel Archer's have attended two SEAL legs, currently 7th in the senior league and 3rd in the novice league. The first in Reading where the senior paddling finished 7th with William Salaris leading the team with a score of 522. The novice paddling coming in 5th with a highest score of 429 by Samantha Kershaw. The second in their own pond, the senior paddling coming in 7th with Laura Middleton leading the team with a score of 469. The novice paddling coming in 3rd, with a highest score of 465 by Samantha Kershaw. 

Honorable mentions to all of the ducklings of the Brunel Archers who shot in both competitions, Beatrice Chan, Amy Griffiths, Rewant Karawade, Noah Mesfin, Peter Reynolds, Natalie Chuen and Samantha Kershaw. 

At the second leg of SEAL, Samantha Kershaw set a new Novice Recurve Womens university record with a score of 465, beating the 455 previously set by April Medina last year. 

Keep an eye on their Instagram page for future updates on competitions and socials.



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