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Shooting swimmingly in term 2

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Term 2 has been ducking brilliant with 2 new competitions, coming 6th (Senior) and 3rd (Novice) on the leaderboards. Shout out to this term's best ducks; Nikhil Manikala, Harjinder Obhi, Samantha Kershaw, Molly Galloway, and Peter Reynolds, all making the teams in the SEAL legs this term.

Term 2 brought even more exciting news for Brunel Archers with a new paddling of committee members elected, even more ducklings joining the pond, competitions, broken records, and even more socials.

New committee members:

  • Martyna Kaczmarek – The Alpha Duck
  • Patrick Green – Secretary Duckling
  • Peter Reynolds – Money Duck
  • Amelia Griffiths – Competitive Duckling
  • Oscar Mays – Wings, Beaks, and Tails Officer
  • Harry King – Paddling Socialiser
  • Samantha Kershaw – Instaduck

WELL DONE to everyone who entered, and a big ducking welcome to the new paddling of committee members for next year.

Brunel Archer’s February Beginners Course saw 20 new ducklings safely pass 4 weeks of training, yet again supported by new and old committee members and the club’s coach, James Quackson.

Shooting at another 2 competitions, the senior team is coming in at 6th, a spot higher than term 1, whilst the novice team holds strong in 3rd place. The term's first SEAL leg was in their own pond, with the senior team finishing 5th, led by senior duck Harjinder Obhi with a score of 529. The novice team came in 4th, led by Peter Reynolds with a score of 464. BUCS, and the term’s second SEAL leg, was hosted at Bristol University, with the senior team finishing 8th, led by odd duckling Nikhil Manikala with a score of 535. The novice team coming in 6th, led by duckling Samantha Kershaw, with a score of 503. Brunel’s BUCS team saw 3 ducklings, Nikhil Manikala, Harjinder Obhi, and Samantha Kershaw, qualifying for finals.

Breaking yet another record is duckling Samantha Kershaw, breaking her own Novice Recurve Womens record with a score of 503, beating her previously set score of 465.

Brunel Archers are also happy to announce that all of the ducklings on campus can now join their Active @ Brunel sessions, every Thursday 1-2 pm, where anyone can come and try shooting with some committee ducklings.

Coming soon for this paddling of ducklings is the first Brunel Annual Portsmouth Shoot – BAPS.

Keep an eye on their Instagram page for future updates on competitions and socials. See you soon for the outdoor season newsletter!



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