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About Us

Brunel's Olympic lifting society is a welcoming community of gym fanatics and new fitness enthusiasts. It is open to all students with any background of gym experience.


Brunel Weightlifting Club is open to everyone, from complete novices to advanced lifters. We currently have a range of athletes from Great Britain Squad members to regional and club level lifters, and offer coaching advice for all levels.

Running regular sessions in the IAC, we encourage students to train together and develop their skills in olympic lifting.

Our aim is to build a successful weightlifting team at Brunel, competing at a range of competitions from varsity to national competitions. We are coached by National Champion Kristian McPhee and Commonwealth Medalist Jessica Brown who have a great deal of knowledge and have helped Brunel lifters achieve top national results.

Our Chair Jeannine is open to be asked questions on social media, or you can ask the club directly via instagram.

If you have any feedback or queries regarding the club please email or contact the committee members directly using the details above.

You are always welcome to come along and watch and chat with regular club members.


When do we meet?

Training 2021-22 (IAC)

Tuesday and Friday: 4:30-6pm

Wednesday: 5-6:30pm