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About Us

Brunel Esports provides a casual and competitive community for a wide range of esport games or custom for-fun games! We support major Esports titles such as VALORANT, LoL, Overwatch 2, and more!

Brunel Esports thrives as a community of competitive and casual gamers, welcoming players of all abilities.

We run custom games for fun, in-house tournaments, and offer the opportunity to enter into inter-university competitive leagues (NUEL and NSE) for popular esports titles!


2 years ago, Brunel Esports had the third best UK University team for VALORANT, best UK Uni Guilty Gear player, raised £800 for Mind (mental health charity), won Best Fundraising Event of the Year, and gained a Silver CASES award.


We support the following games casually and competitively: VALORANT, League of Legends, Overwatch, Rainbox Six: Siege, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Rocket League, Card Games (MTG, Hearthstone), Dota 2, and Fighting Games (Super Smash Bros, Guilty Gear Strive).


Alongside tournaments, we host for-fun game nights playing games such as Gmod, Jackbox Party Pack, SCP, and a number of multiplayer games. This year, we are hoping to run more socials (as we were unable to last year) and do our traditional ice skating trip in winter. Hopefully we will be able to host a LAN event too!


Our society is hosted on our Discord server. If you are a student at Brunel, please purchase the "Standard Membership". Membership is required to gain full access to the server. Our membership fee goes towards hosting tournaments and events! Join here: PLEASE READ + ACCEPT THE RULES, assign yourself roles in #role-assign, and verify your membership/student ID + Full Name in the #howtoregister and #verification channel.


For more information or any other queries, please feel free to email the society committee:


  • Chair: Howie (

    • Discord: Howie#4373

  • Secretary: Keely Man (

    • Discord: Kiwii#0069

  • Treasurer: Andrew Fratczak (

    • Discord: andyyu_

  • Web Officer: Delia Stoican (

    • Discord: cru.delia18

  • Community Manager: Ghostnuts (

    • Discord: ghostnuts