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About Us

Hello. Namaste. Vanakam. Namaskaram. Sat Sri Akal.


We are the Indian Society of Brunel. We’re Indians and we aren’t shy about it. If you’d like to learn more about the country we call home or if you’re just feeling homesick we’re there for you. We network occasionally but grow to become one big Indian family.

Who are the committee members?

  • Chair- Daksh Parihar
  • General advisor- Mya Gill
  • Vice Chair- Umang Samani
  • General Secretary- Abdullah Syed
  • Treasurer- Mallikarjun Modi
  • Events Officer- Inaya Somani
  • Web Officer- Ali Mehdi
  • Sports Officer- Dev Parekh
  • Uni-Rep Coordinator- Manthan Vagadiya
  • Dance Coordinator- Nitya Powar
  • Volunteering Coordinator- Diya Aswani
  • Photography Coordinator- Bhavuk Garg
  • Sponsorship Coordinator- Taksh Shah


What do we do?

We take part in Indian festive events held on campus (i.e. Holi & Diwali) and we do host our own events such as Bollywood nights, Movie nights, Street food nights and the crowd favorite BYOB socials which are fortnightly.

Where can you find us?

You can spot our committee members around campus otherwise feel free to contact us on the Brunel Indian Society Instagram Page

Join Us Today

Are you ready to embark on a journey filled with unforgettable experiences? Join us today, follow our social media channels, and be a part of the vibrant Brunel Indian Society. Together, we'll create memories that will last a lifetime.