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Brunel CSSA aims to support Chinese students who are studying at Brunel University London.

Brunel CSSA is short for Chinese Students and Scholars Association at Brunel University London

Founded in 2005, Brunel CSSA is a non-profitable and non-religious student society.

Brunel CSSA is committed to support Chinese students and help Chinese students to maximise their experience of studying at Brunel.

The four major departments at Brunel CSSA are: Marketing, Events, Design, and public relationship (Communication). It is led by President, vice president, and treasury, along with team leaders from each department.

Chinese New Year is celebrated widely in many cultures outside China. In the past, Brunel CSSA has collaborated with the Korean Society and Nepal Society at Brunel to co-organize the gala.

In addition, Brunel CSSA is also open to staff and parents. Through our social media people can gain some insight of how it is like to study and live at Brunel.

Brunel CSSA is active on both WeChat, Sina Weibo and Instagram. Follow us on Instagram account cssa_brunel.