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About Us

Welcome to Brunel Powerlifting!


Striving for strength, performance, and enjoyment throughout the sport of powerlifting, Brunel Powerlifting Club welcomes all experience levels. From complete novices or elite-level athletes, all ability levels are welcome!

Our club creates a platform which enables members to achieve their full potential. Enabling members to reach the full capability of their body, and beyond!

Powerlifting is considered the true test of absolute human strength. Through three disciplines: Squat, Bench, and Deadlift, participants push themselves to achieve the greatest overall total of the three disciplines, by testing their maximum single repetition weight in each discipline (1RM). Brunel University operates excellent facilities, to which all Powerlifting Club members have access to. Which contains world-class equipment, allowing training even at the international level!

Our club was established in 2022, which means we are new to Team Brunel. But don’t let this lessen your expectations of what our club can currently provide! We have an extremely ambitious committee, and we would like to outline our clubs’ objectives…



Club Objectives:

  1. Provide an ecosystem of members who inspire each other, for the common goal of improvement within the sport, and overall life.
  2. Enable training, which shall be a platform for growth for all members, intended for elite athletes or barbell newbies, and everyone in between.
  3. Spread the enjoyment of powerlifting, inspiring the core values of strength training in all members.
  4. Pushing for university representation, throughout the local level of competition, varsity, nationally, and for those of elite calibre to be on the international stage representing the nation!
  5. Lastly, to have fun!

We are not all about training though! You’ll be glad to hear that we are running social events here on campus, evenings together within The Venue + Locos (campus club and bar), with the overall goal to enjoy what university life has to offer. We venture nationally to other university teams running mock meets (mini competitions), where our rivalry is put to the test!



Are you looking for:

  • A sporting challenge

  • World-class training facilities

  • Friends to share your time at Brunel with

  • Unique experiences throughout the university

Then Brunel Powerlifting Club is for YOU!



Taster Sessions

We offer taster sessions at the beginning of each academic year. To hear more about the upcoming taster sessions, follow our Instagram page! Here you can stay updated with all our activities and events coming up. The link is at the top of this page.



All group training takes place within the indoor athletics centre (IAC) on campus. With access to high-quality equipment, various barbell types and plenty of accessory equipment, the IAC shall be the platform upon which your training shall be, surrounded by like-minded people, students and athletes.

Training Schedule:

(Starting after taster sessions conclude)

Wednesdays 13:00 - 16:00

Saturdays 14:00 - 17:00




We run mock competitions here at Brunel every year! Either as our club or with surrounding clubs in the country! Including St Mary's and Surrey University. Our last competition is shown in the pictures below!

Every year, we contest our rivalry with St Mary's at VARSITY. 

Finally, we send the strongest of us to BUCS every year! BUCS is the national university championship for powerlifting. You'll need to compete in a qualifying competition before BUCS, and all entry fees and travel are paid for!



To join:

Join Team Brunel here, where you can then add Brunel Powerlifting Membership to your basket, and you’ll be part of our team!



Get in touch!

To learn more about our club, explore our social media by clicking the links below:

And to speak to our club, or get to know us all before you arrive at Brunel University, join our WhatsApp group to get in touch:


We’re certain you can see what our club has to offer you, and we would love to have you as part of our rapidly growing team! We look forward to seeing you soon!