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About Us

Do you like watching anime? This society is for YOU! Join our Discord server by clicking on the 'Website' link above the memberships to get involved!

Our Society:

  • Get together, compete, have fun and express your interests with Anime and Japanese culture
  • We're a diverse and inclusive community of friends and colleagues with a warm, welcoming atmosphere.
  • Also join our discord, where we have a community of anime watchers that are very friendly:

What we do:

  • Once a week, we will be meeting on campus and through our Discord Server every Wednesday from 6-8pm, either screening :

            - Four episodes of selected anime

            - An anime film of choice

  • Socialise with members after screening, e.g. Whetherspoon hangouts (or even any suggestions that you come up with!)
  • Fortnightly quizzes and competitions that happen every Thursday at 5-7pm (Prizes at the end of each season!)
  • We have events lined up for members to participate in such as :

            - End of Term Parties

            - Arcade Trips

            - Convention Trips

            - Karaoke

    The 2022/23 Committee               Contacts / Email
    Chair / President Simone Bentivoglio

    Discord :


    Vice President & Events Officer Joe Davies


    Outlook :


    Secretary Izabelle Lancaster
    Outlook :
    Treasurer Rohit Gill