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Welcome to Team Brunel Badminton 2023/24!

Our club is one of the most popular and successful sports clubs here at Brunel, welcoming people of all abilities. We offer regular matches, team training, and social sessions in the Sports Hall throughout the year. If you want to experience a fast, tactical and fun sport, come and join us and don't be afraid!

Competitive Games: Team Brunel

There are a number of competitive games throughout the year available against other university badminton teams and they have proven to be incredibly successful as well as enjoyable for all those that participate. 

This year we hope to continue that success into the new season, with a lot more hard work and training (as well as fun and games!)

Our current teams are as follows:

  • Men's 1st - South Eastern Tier 1
  • Men's 2nd - South Eastern Tier 3
  • Ladies’ - South Eastern Tier 3

As part of being in Team Brunel Badminton - this year, we are offering 2 training sessions:

Monday: 13:00PM - 15:00PM (Location: Sports Hall)
Tuesday: 13:00PM- 15:00PM (Location: Sports Hall)

Playing for Fun: The Social Sessions

Alongside the competitive teams, Brunel Badminton also offers social sessions every week, where people of all abilities can play and have fun with no strings attached. This is the place to ask any team member present for tips and advice on how to improve your game. 

Timings of social sessions with Active @ Brunel:

Monday: 11:00AM-13:00PM 

Social sessions are held at the Sports Hall.

Any questions - please follow us and message us on our Instagram @brunel_badminton or contact the society committee members shown below.

Committee Members

For a club to run smoothly and efficiently, it all relies on each individual committee member who hold different and unique roles that represent and improve the club. These are your Brunel Badminton committee members for the year 23/24:

Captain & Secretary: Rohan Thool (

Mentor & Men's Vice Chair: Pranav Singhal (

Chairman & Social Secretary: Shreshth Verma (

Treasurer: Sahil Dhawan (

Web Officer: Thanjina Khatun (