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About Us

Brunel University Boxing Club is trained by professionals 3 times a week. With hard work and determination, we work to improve every boxers' skill and ability.

Brunel University Boxing Club has been running for 12 years. The club has our head coach: "Coach Cam". The club is very dedicated meaning training is regular, effective and intensive. Any ability is welcome to join at any part of the academic year, however, it is a lot easier to start at the beginning of the academic year to get the most out of the club.

We have various socials such as clubbing nights, flat parties and meals, however, going into this year we are going to "up" the social side of Brunel University Boxing and host more varied events such as bowling, go-karting, games nights, trampoline park visits and more! Although bouts are fought singularly, we train as a team and that ethos is held highly.

Many of our boxers have achieved multiple awards and successes - it could be you next! Some of their successes include: Female boxer Preya Dhanecha won the London ABA championships twice; Mark Alcock was an ABA finalist; Preya and Kelvin Fawaz got gold at Haringey Box Cup in 2008 with Riaz Noogat getting silver. Our members have also been very successful at BUCS: in 2010, Preya, another female boxer named Nilson Ersoy and Patrick Diai won gold; in 2009, Preya got gold as well as Abdul Shurman getting silver and in 2006, Mark Alcock won gold.

Everyone is friendly and approachable and have the same aim in mind - to have fun and get fit. Feel free to come along and join us. For more information or specific enquiries please email the club or find us at the Fresher's Fayre!


When and where do we meet?

  • Tuesday (7pm - 9pm) Sports Hall
  • Thursday (8pm - 10pm) Sports Hall
  • Saturday (10am - 12pm) Athletics Track

Our fixtures are spread out throughout the year. Make sure you follow our Facebook page to keep up to date with any upcoming events and fixtures!

Social Media Accounts

Follow us on our social media accounts for regular updates;

Instagram: brunelboxing

Facebook group: Brunel University Boxing Club


Club Aims

  1. To help boxers of all abilities improve their skills and techniques.
  2. To enter capable boxers into bouts.
  3. To train together as a team to improve the overall ability of the club.
  4. To host boxing bouts at Brunel.
  5. To compete with other universities.
  6. To socialise as a team.
  7. To enjoy the sport!