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About Us

Brunel Blizzards consists of 6 teams for everyone: three Cheer teams - Hail, Rain and Frost, Competitive Pom team - Storm, Pom team - Thunder, and Active@Brunel development / social team - Hurricane!

Cheerleading consists of a series of stunts, jumps, tumbles and dance at different levels, with various emphasis depending on which squad you join, for routines ranging from 2-2:30 minutes in length. Brunel Blizzards welcome everyone from complete beginners to allstar cheerleaders (many of our athletes started as complete beginners) - we have six successful squads that you can join!

We have grown in number and success over the last few years and we endeavour to improve ourselves every season and to bring out the best out of every athlete on the team.

Alongside training hard, Blizzards are a very active and social club on campus holding many events throughout the year. These include our weekly themed socials on Wednesdays (both within the team and joint with other sports teams), as well as dinners and a showcase for family and friends. We are a very friendly club and you will feel welcomed even if it is your first time joining us at training and/or socials. 

So if you fancy trying something new or have already done cheerleading in the past, come see us at Freshers Fayre or get in contact with us. Just bring your enthusiasm and willingness to learn and we'll get along just fine!

There are some costs associated with cheer; the Union Sport membership is required by all members to be able to train, we also have team bows, team tops and bespoke uniforms if you are considering joining competition teams. Please contact us by email, socials or a member of committee if you have any concerns about this, do not be discouraged about joining us x